ZARE: the Additive Manufacturing Production Factory. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Metal Sintering (SLM), Stereolitography (SLA), FDM, Vacuum Casting

ZARE: Rapid Prototyping for industrial products and High Performance Metal Sintering entirely Made in Italy


Metal Sintering DMLS/SLM

Allows to realize directly metal prototypes in Titanium, Cobalt Chrome, Alluminium and more. Ready to be tested or used as definitive parts.

Laser Sintering SLS

Allows the production of models with high performance materials such as AlluSinter, CarbonSinter with high performance.

HP Multi Jet Fusion

The system is perfect for small production series of functional elements in very short time.

FDM Technology

Allows to create models already in the definitive chosen plastic material: ABS, PC, PPSF, Ultem, PC-ABS... We can create very big size monolithic models.

Objet Technology

Allows to create models in various plastic materials and rubbers of different hardness. Offers many different possibilities like co-printing.

FastForward: we look at the future
of the industry with 3D printing


On Wednesday 17 October we will be guests at the Modena racetrack to report on the theme of digital innovation at FastForward “New and [old] trades in the digital age”, an initiative promoted by CDO Emilia Romagna. Our General Manager, Andrea Pasquali, will speak about the advantages introduced by 3D printing to the manufacturing industry.

Gabriele Torelli is silver medal
in Mini Challenge 2018

the electric motorbike designed by the students

In these months Zare collaborated with the students of the University of Bologna for the construction of a swingarm in SLM that was implemented on the prototype of the electric motorbike that participated in the MotoStudent Competition in October 2018. The participation of the MotoStudent Team from Bologna ended up with a great success.

At 31BI-MU to tell
the story of our Factory

A month before BI-MU: Zare prepares to exhibit at the fair

BI-MU (Machine Tools, Robot, Automation) is the reference event in the manufacturing industry that presents the latest innovations in factory automation and process automation, instrumentation and control, production and electronic components. This is the ideal context for those who want to find a wide range of technological solutions and alternatives, as well as deepen the issues related to the sector.[ DETAILS ]

Metal Sintering

SEVEN industrial plants for the metal sintering

A company working in the field of INDUSTRIAL ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING OF METALS must guarantee:

  • quick lead times;
  • high quality ;
  • confidentiality.

In regard to this, we believe that our 50-year long history in the field of precision mechanics helped us achieving high standards; also, we have developed a special sensitiveness towards what we are manufacturing: the technology may be different, but the raw material didn’t change, and our accuracy when dealing with dimensional tolerances and SURFACE FINISHING didn’t change either.

Our company houses a department entirely dedicated to DMLS / SLM sintering; four machines (three Concept Laser and a Renishaw) are already working at full speed, and they’re soon going to become more.

SINTERING A METAL is so much more than just printing a file.

Both the model and the way the material is distributed must be re-engineered for SLM: metal sintering machines still have small BUILDING CHAMBERS and the re-engineering process allows to make the best use of them minimizing COSTS and lead TIMES without affecting quality.
Once the process for manufacturing the object using ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING is outlined, it becomes clear that this technology allows to create products and models characterized by a great complexity and offers great advantages in terms of WEIGHT and PRODUCTION TIME REDUCTION.

As for the biomedical field, rapid prototyping and metal sintering are the jewels in the crown of a versatile technology that can concretely make life better.